Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas activity round up

This week has been a whirlwind of Christmas fun!!!
We trekked to see the lights at Temple Square for family night.  We were waiting for the snow to come, because it just makes it that much more magical, but alas, we are still in no snowville.  Lexi was a good sport and came even with her bronchitis and lack of breathing ability...and Monson walked around almost shoeless because of his burned top of his foot. We ended up at Hire's for rootbeer, fries and burgers.

We took the kids to see Juanito Bandito's Chrismas Carol.  It was so funny.  We love the schtik and improv in this show. All on stage are so talented and it's just low brow humor...but we love it!  

Welch Family Pajama Party at Terry and Cyrrena's home.  We had Breakfast then did a drawing for prizes for those who came in their jammies.

We played bingo with breakfast cereal for prizes and then acted out, read scripture and sange hymns for the Nativity.  This was Alfie's year to be a baby Jesus!

 Holly and Wanee came in twin jammies.

I got these Rudolph pj's for Wayne, but they were too little, so I ended up wearing them.  Now we have a Santa outfit and a Rudolph one.... who know's what "reindeer games" we can play?!?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

a year later....

It's been one year since my family was turned upside down with Truman's "I'm gay" announcement.
We were blind sided by this, having not seen any "clues" along the way.
So a year later we have reached a new normal and this is what I know....
I know I love my Tru and all of my matter what
I know I'm a momma bear and I'll protect and stand up for my boys!
I know day to day family life is pretty much the same
I know I find peace and added amounts of love by going to the temple
I know I will be okay when Tru starts bringing a boyfriend around
I know having children who are gay gets easier and easier to talk about
I know God is good and merciful to all of his matter the sexual orientation
I know LDS church meetings are not equipped to take in gay members....yet
I know my Wayne is the best husband and father and I'm so happy to be going through life with him.
I know my faith has it's ups and downs...but I would rather be in the church than out...and I'm all in.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cookie Exchange -3

We had a delicious holiday cookie exchange. 21 different cookies were shared along with a lot of gabbing and friendship.  
Si and Di helped a ton with a wonderful salad and hot homemade rolls. Such great friends 
This years cookie makers were Kathleen Newman, Jessica Barlow, Angie Smith, Christina Barlow, Amber Crane, Mel Evans , Jo Cash, Diane Lake, Si, Me, Joanne Murdock, Nan Briske, Cindy Brown, Candy Madsen and daughter Dani, Sarah Porter, Karen Smith, Barbara Schwartz, Jill Allsop and Peggy Rinehart
We enjoyed Cookies of every type and had enough left over to share with neighbors.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Andrew turns 8!

 We Celebrated Andrew's 8th birthday with a fun party  including a clown who performed tricks and made all kinds of balloons for the kids. Andrew was in heaven!  We all went out to support.  Andrew was his loving, kind, grateful self.  What a sweet boy.  He is really in to legos right now and also got a new bike!   His Grandma Sonia did all of the traditional Brazilian food including a Bolo Salgado...  a salty cake which is really chicken salad on white bread covered in cold mashed potatoes and dressed up with veggies on top to look like a real cake.  It was delicious.   As per Brazilian tradition the birthday boy gives the first slice of cake to someone special in his life and akes a wish...well we didn't know this...and Tia Bre kept telling him,"no you eat it.. it's yours." Andrew was pretty sad that Bre didn't take his cake.  She didn't know. Next year we will have to be reminded of this sweet tradition.  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Neighbor gifts.

I was teasing Wayne that this year for a neighbor gift I was thinking of a pack of straws with a cute note that says..."Hope your holidays don't suck!"   Wayne said NO.   Or I was thinking a Water bottle with a note that says... "Water you doing for Chrismas...Hope it's merry!"  I know.....LAME.

Neighbor gifrs are kind of a funny thing.  We live around these people.  We wave in our driveways and shout hello when we are coming and going.  We watch over houses when they are on vacations. We borrow an egg or  take out their garbage can.  We see some of them at church.  We wonder what is happening when there are police cars parked  out front, or an ambulance. We have summer get togethers...sometimes. But we always give Christmas neighbor gifts.  Or atleast Wayne and I have since we moved here 24 years ago.
Some years we are more clever than others....along with the obvious cookies and treat plates, we have also given extensions cords and a note... "Extending you a happy holiday. "  Sparkle brand Paper towels..."Hope your holidays Sparkle."   2 litre of Sprite..."May your days be merry and Sprite."  Box of tissues..."We tissue a merry Christmas."  These are just a few that come to mind.  We just want to give a little su'em su'em that shows we appreciate living around good people like you.
Anyway.... I know that these are looked at, used up, eaten...the notes quickly discarded.   It's all good. Well.... Wayne went over to help our single, elderly neighbor and to his surprise and mine, found many of our neighbor gift notes over the years, lined up on his counter.  He keeps these and is appreciative that we think of him each year.  Who knew?  Don't take for granted the little things we do for other people.  It could make someone's day.   Love on never know.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Soap Box

I love this time of year.  I love that Thanksgiving gets our minds and hearts in a grateful spot so we can welcome  in the Christmas season, and it’s wonderful that it is a Season and not just a Day.
 I’ve been on my soap box lately about getting Christmas to be “The favorite“ holiday again.  It seems to have lost its place and I think ol’ Lucifer is pretty happy about this.  Too much commercialization, too many trappings to occupy us, to much money spent, too many cranky crowds…..   I think Satan rejoices when he hears.. “Ugh, Christmas again?”  or “What’s the big deal about Christmas?” or even, "I hate Christmas"  Many people say Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday now because there are not worrisome gifts involved.  We eat, we thank.    Or Halloween is  for the younger set because it’s just costumes, candy and fun.   Don’t get me wrong, I love these two Holidays…but really they are kind of selfish holidays, because we don’t have to reach out and think of others at all.  Christmas is really the only one that begs us to be more Christ like.   This does take some effort.  It takes moving away from the “natural” man and moving toward spirituality .  
Christmas should be the favorite because it celebrates the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ and all that is wrapped up in that….love, charity, faith, the atonement …’s so, so important.
 I don’t want to be caught up in the material side and get all worked up and worried about enough gifts or are the decorations just right or any other natural man stuff.  I don’t want to buy into the commercialization of it.    I just want to be in a heightened  spirit of generosity, togetherness and love…that’s why it’s wonderful that it is a Season and not just a Day.

 So …I will get off my soap box now and enjoy

I adore this painting of the nativity by Brian Kershisnik so much. I know Angels are all about us and we were the Angels on this wonderful night over 2000 years ago.

Friday, December 5, 2014